Zaaté®, the pleasure of delicious flavor at all times.

Much more than a tea, Zaaté is a delicious drink of extraordinary flavor and natural ingredients with functional properties that will make you feel amazing.

The combination of tea extracts, pieces of flowers and fruits make it a drink designed to offer you everything you are looking for, perfect to enjoy at any time.






Let yourself be conquered by the delicious combinations that Zaaté® has for you!



  • + Where can I buy it?
    Apart from our online store, you can find Zaaté® family products at: Costco, Sam's Club, City Market, City Club, La Comer and Fresko.
  • + What is it sweetened with?
    Zaaté® varieties are sweetened with a mixture of sugar and stevia, achieving a significant reduction in calories and maintaining an excellent flavor.
  • + Does it have natural ingredients?
    All varieties of Zaaté® have in their composition the majority of ingredients of natural origin.
  • + How many calories do you have?
    Each variety of Zaaté® has different caloric content due to the nature of the ingredients that make it up; however, all are maintained in a range of between 35-45 kcal per 300 ml glass.
  • + How much should I take?
    Zaaté® no tiene una dosis recomendada, ni un límite recomendado. Sólo te sugerimos llevar una alimentación balanceada.
  • + Does it help you lose weight?
    Zaaté® can support you in weight loss accompanied by a balanced diet and physical activity.
  • + Can they take it pregnant and nursing?
    Although many of the ingredients in Zaaté® are natural and have no medical indication, we recommend you check with your doctor.
  • + Can children take it?
    Zaaté® is not contraindicated tea consumption in minors.
  • + What is the kombucha?
    It is a fermented that is obtained from green tea or black tea.
  • + Does the kombucha have benefits?
    It can help improve digestion, cure colds faster, improve skin appearance, it also function as an organism detoxifier and can favor hair growth. Zaaté® Kombucha, has kombucha extract that is combined with the other ingredients that make it unique and the first in its class.
  • + What is a tea?
    A tea is made with an infusion preparation where dehydrated fruit is used in water.
  • + Can phenylketonurics* consume it?
    The Zaaté® family does not contain sweeteners that cause sensitivity to phenylketonurics.
    * Phenylketonurics: People who do not properly process the amino acid to phenylalanine.
  • + Can Celiacs * consume it?
    Zaaté® can be consumed by celiacs as it does not contain gluten.
    * Celiacs: People with permanent gluten intolerance.
  • + Can diabetics consume it?
    The product contains added sugar, so it is not suitable for diabetic consumption.
  • + Can people with irritable bowel, gastritis and colitis consume it?
    Zaaté® has no contraindications for use with these conditions.
  • + Can they consume you hypertensive?
    Zaaté® has no contraindications for use with these conditions.